Mark Hamill Says Goodbye To Star Wars With Emotional Farewell Letter

Star Wars Luke Jedi

Now that The Rise of Skywalker has concluded the story of Star Wars, at least for the time being, the Last Jedi himself has shared an emotional farewell letter with fans of the franchise.

The Sequel Trilogy was an inevitably doomed undertaking by the Mouse House ever since the company bought the IP from George Lucas in 2012. Imagine, if even the creator himself couldn’t satisfy longtime fans of the series with the Prequel Trilogy, what chance did Disney have to revive the franchise and return it to its former glory? Still, J.J. Abrams managed to deliver a satisfying sequel to Return of the Jedi and turn it into one of the highest-grossing movies of all time.

Unfortunately, though, things started going sideways for Lucasfilm from there, and the controversial follow-up to The Force Awakens tore the fandom apart. But for better or for worse, the last installment in the Sequel Trilogy and the final chapter of the Skywalker Saga came out late last year and served as the definite ending to the story that Lucas started all those years ago, regardless of the fact that it proved to be just as divisive as its predecessor.

To honor the legacy and history of all the people who were involved in the making of these movies, Mark Hamill, who himself has been one of the centerpieces of all this controversy for his portrayal of Luke in The Last Jedi, has written an emotional farewell letter included in the  Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga box set. And the actor recently took to Twitter to share his goodbye, which you can read below:

As you can see above, Hamill not only paid tribute to his co-stars Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher, but also used this opportunity to reflect on the latter’s words about Star Wars being a big family:

“As Carrie once said, Star Wars is about family, and that is what we all have become – one giant community that shares the experience of these stories and the fundamental value they instill in us,” He wrote.

Currently, we don’t know where Star Wars will go next, but just like the former Rebel hero, we can only hope that new storytellers will continue to build an “even bigger galaxy filled with heroes, villains, actions, romance, and, of course, the Force.”