Mark Hamill Reportedly Open To Star Wars Return Now After Talking To Lucasfilm

Star Wars Luke Jedi

Following the conclusion of the Star Wars Sequel Trilogy, it looked as though we’d never see Mark Hamill play Luke Skywalker ever again. After all, not only was the legendary Jedi killed off in Rian Johnson’s Episode VIII, but any potential return wouldn’t have made sense in The Mandalorian‘s timeline, with the Disney Plus show taking place roughly 25 years prior to The Force Awakens.

True, actors are known for their versatility, but the thought of the 69 year-old Mark Hamill trying to pass himself off as three decades younger would have been a stretch. However, after months of rumors and speculation that he would become involved in the aforementioned Disney Plus series, Luke appeared in the season 2 finale in the biggest single helping of fan service to grace a show that thrives on it.

The CGI used to de-age Hamill wasn’t great, but because it was Luke Skywalker interacting with Din Djarin and Baby Yoda, we gave it a pass. However, the surprise cameo has now led to renewed talk that the Original Trilogy’s hero could become a major part of the franchise once again, with fans lobbying for Sebastian Stan to take over, because the technology wouldn’t be convincing enough to power an entire season of the uncanny valley’s Luke.

Insider Daniel Richtman now claims, though, that Hamill is open to a proper Star Wars return having talked with some of the key players at Lucasfilm, although further details remain unclear. Of course, he could always be a Force Ghost if any of the movies or TV shows are planning on canonically continuing on from where The Rise of Skywalker left off, but anything more substantial might prove tricky unless the de-aging effects are massively improved between now and whenever or wherever he appears next.