Mark Hamill Trolls Fans Over Star Wars: Episode IX’s Title


For the first time in a long while, we’re more than a year out from the next entry in Lucasfilm’s Star Wars saga.

Since The Force Awakens kicked off this new era of films back in 2015, we’ve laid eyes on four – count ’em, four – new installments in the franchise, culminating in the damp squib that is Solo: A Star Wars Story.

It failed to light up the box office in the way Lucasfilm would have hoped, leaving the fate of all other Anthology movies (see: Boba Fett and Obi-Wan) in serious doubt. But one thing’s immediately clear: we’re currently more than 12 months away from our next trip to that far-away galaxy, as production on Star Wars: Episode IX has only just begun.

That’s created a vacuum in which wild speculation and fan theories are beginning to thrive, and the latest rumor to crop up relates to the film’s title. Yes, the studio still hasn’t told us what it’ll be called and of course, that’s resulted in all sorts of crazy monikers surfacing.

Being the jokester that he is, Mark Hamill has now decided to get in on the action and troll us a little. Taking to Twitter, the actor made fun of all these titles that are being thrown around the web by saying the following:

For those of you worried that SPACE FORCE is the leaked title of #EpIX… Relax! Turns out it’s just lie #3,253. #9WillBeFineAllInGoodTime

Of course, what Hamill’s referring to here isn’t an actual rumored title. Rather, he’s using the situation to also poke fun at Donald Trump’s Space Force initiative. In other words, he’s killing two birds with one stone, trolling both fans who keep thinking they’ve discovered the title and our current President.

It’s another cheeky Tweet from Hamill and only has us even more curious to finally learn what the film will be called. Unfortunately, we may be waiting a while for that, as Star Wars: Episode IX won’t zoom into theaters until December 20th, 2019.

If the latest rumor going around town is true, though, then Lucasfilm may actually split J.J. Abrams’ trilogy-capper into two movies a la Harry Potter. It’s a stretch, of course, but it would certainly give the director more wiggle room as he closes the book on Lucasfilm’s Skywalker Saga.