Mark Hamill’s Role In Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3 Has Reportedly Been Revealed

Guardians of the Galaxy Mark Hamill

Star Wars legend Mark Hamill and director James Gunn have been teasing that the former will have a role in the latter’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 since early 2018. It’s not a done deal that Hamill will be in it, but there’s naturally been a lot of speculation over who he might play if he is. In fact, it’s believed he could serve as the film’s main antagonist and there’s one name, in particular, that’s been brought up a lot.

A new leak from 4chan claims that Hamill will be playing the High Evolutionary in Vol. 3. Obviously, given the source of this information you might want to stay skeptical for the time being. But, as mentioned above, previous rumors have pointed to Hamill playing the very same part, so we’re inclined to believe that this latest bit of intel may be onto something.

Not to mention that it’s also thought that GotG Vol. 3 will focus on Rocket’s origins, with the High Evolutionary being revealed as his creator – much like the comics. It’s a fact that Rocket will be a key part of the threequel, too, as Gunn has said he’s most looking forward to completing the raccoon’s arc in the movie.

The conclusion to the Guardians saga would’ve originally been with us next May, but Gunn’s temporary firing last summer put the threequel back a few years. It’s 100% on its way, though, and the filmmaker’s due to work on it once he’s wrapped on DC’s The Suicide Squad. The 4Chan leak says Marvel has it planned for release in July 2022 as well, which would make it the second MCU movie of the year, behind May’s Black Panther 2. 

Tell us, though, would you be happy with Mark Hamill playing the High Evolutionary in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3? Share your thoughts in the usual place down below.