Mark Ruffalo Celebrates the Success of ‘The Adam Project’
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Mark Ruffalo celebrates the success of ‘The Adam Project’

Ruffalo tweeted to celebrate the success of his film 'The Adam Project' as it lands in top 5 most-watched Netflix films.

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Not many could resist the casting of Ryan Reynolds and Mark Ruffalo, two of Hollywood’s most lovable actors, in the same movie together. Add in the combo of Ruffalo reuniting with Jennifer Garner — and a young actor, Walker Scobell, so well cast to play Reynolds’ younger self — and it comes as no shock that Netflix was going to have a hit on its hands with The Adam Project.

The film had immediate success when it debuted, placing it in the top three movie launches for the steaming service. It has been just over a month since the film made its way onto our screens on March 11, and it has continued to do well for Netflix, landing in the top five most-watched films of all time on the platform. Ruffalo celebrated the success by sharing the impressive figure on Twitter, and it seems the Marvel actor has a lot of love to give… as if we didn’t know that already!

The figures now show that the film has been watched for a total of 233.15 million hours, a considerable feat for a film that has only been out for one month. It currently sits behind Reynolds’ other blockbuster project for Netflix, Red Notice, in first place with 364,020,000 hours in its first 28 days. In second place is Don’t Look Up, followed by Bird Box in third.

Audiences seem to have connected with the family-centered time travel sci-fi that sees Adam from the future (Reynolds) crash-land in 2022 to meet his 12-year-old self (Scobell). Together, they must travel further back in time to find their father (Ruffalo) to ensure that time travel never comes into existence, so it cannot be manipulated by those who would seek to use it for their own personal greed.

Fans loved seeing the interplay between Marvel stalwarts Ruffalo and Reynolds but were also excited to see Jennifer Garner and Ruffalo appear in a film together as a romantic couple for the first time since 13 Going On 30. It was a nostalgia trip for many who loved the pair’s relationship in the noughties rom-com classic. In fact, the whole film had an air of ’80s nostalgia despite being set predominantly in the present day. It seems that the desire for the Steven Spielberg ’80s aesthetic, as seen in many movies and television shows right now, is still strongly permeating the Hollywood scene.

The Adam Project is available to watch on Netflix.