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Mark Ruffalo endorses watching a highly specific subgenre entirely of his own making

Mark Ruffalo's prolific body of work generates its own sub-genre to the delight of fans of the three-time Academy Award nominee.

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Mark Ruffalo has acknowledged a fan’s appreciation for a unique film sub-genre centered around him: Mark Ruffalo Investigating.

A fan posted a screencap web page showcasing several movies where Ruffalo plays an investigator instead of The Incredible Hulk. The sub-genre included titles like CollateralZodiacSpotlightDark WatersNow You See Me, and In The Cut with the caption, “Still my favorite genre!”

Ruffalo playfully endorsed the post with a cheeky detective emoji. 

The Avengers star’s turn as an investigative reporter in Spotlight resonated with a fan. His performance earned him a Best Actor nomination from the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences in 2016.

Another fan shared how Ruffalo’s appearance in Avengers awakened their appreciation for one of the films in the sub-genre and saw them revisit Ruffalo’s portrayal of the real-life crime author Robert Graysmith.

One social media user made a tongue-in-cheek observation about the prolific actor’s illustrious career.

Still, another fan was hopeful to see Ruffalo taken on one of the most iconic crime drama roles.

The three-time Academy Award nominee has amassed a prolific body of work over the years, so it is no surprise that some of his films have generated a sub-genre. It’s a testament to his impact on the film industry. The Mark Ruffalo Investigating sub-genre features films directed by cinematic legends such as David Fincher, Michael Mann, Martin Scorcese, and Todd Haynes. It’s the ideal movie marathon for a relaxed weekend.

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