Mark Ruffalo Hangs Out With Ryan Reynolds In The Adam Project BTS Image

The Adam Project
Photo via Netflix

Mark Ruffalo is only eight years older than Ryan Reynolds, but thanks to some time travel trickery, the Marvel Cinematic Universe stars will be father and son in Netflix adventure The Adam Project, which marks a rapid re-teaming between Reynolds and his Free Guy director Shawn Levy.

Jennifer Garner, only five years the leading man’s senior, will be seen as Reynolds’ mother in the high concept sci-fi that also features Zoe Saldana and Catherine Keener. Newcomer Walker Scobell plays a young Adam, who stumbles upon an injured pilot outside of his house, who turns out to be himself from the future.

Teaming up, the duo set off to solve the conspiracy surrounding their father’s mysterious disappearance and presumed death, no doubt getting caught up in all sorts of mishaps and hijinks along the way. Ruffalo shared a new behind the scenes image on his Twitter page that shows him getting comfortable with his co-star, which you can check out below.

Look closely and you’ll see a couple of Easter Eggs hiding in plain sight, with Hulk and Deadpool stickers taking pride of place. Knowing how the internet works, this will probably lead to theorizing that we’ll be seeing the pair team up when the Merc with a Mouth eventually makes his feature length debut, but we’ll definitely be seeing Ruffalo and Reynolds together early next year when The Adam Project comes to Netflix.