Mark Ruffalo Reportedly Staying In The MCU, But Not As Smart Hulk


The introduction of Smart Hulk was one of the many controversial elements of Avengers: Endgame, with fans both frustrated that we never saw this major development happen and also missing the central dynamic between puny Bruce Banner and the Other Guy. Endgame concluded with the Jade Giant continuing on in this form, as it seemed Bruce had finally found a happy medium between his two personas. But it’s possible this won’t last.

Geekosity is reporting that Hulk will undergo yet another change in a future MCU project that will replace Smart Hulk with a more powerful – and much more savage – version. The outlet has shared that Marvel intends to keep Mark Ruffalo around for a while, but they also want to continue mining Banner’s many different forms from the comics, so he won’t just be playing Smart Hulk from now on.

According to Geekosity, plot details are thin on the ground but, at some point, Bruce will be faced with a situation that requires more physical strength than Smart Hulk can provide. He’ll then push himself to do more, resulting in him morphing into this new, bigger, more animalistic Hulk. It’s unclear exactly where this could take place, but it won’t be in She-Hulk, as Geekosity notes that it’s set to happen in a future movie of some kind.

One possible contender is the Wolverine vs. Hulk film that the same outlet has reported on before. What’s more, Geekosity writes that Marvel fully intends to introduce a different version of the Green Goliath soon, too. That’d be Amadeus Cho AKA Totally Awesome Hulk. Apparently, Cho will be brought into the MCU as a human protégé of Banner’s for a couple of appearances before he then transforms into a giant rage monster himself.

Sticking closer to home, though, and as confirmed by recent set pics, Mark Ruffalo will next return as Hulk in Disney Plus’ She-Hulk TV series, starring Tatiana Maslany as Bruce’s cousin Jennifer Walters.