Mark Wahlberg And Kevin Hart Team Up In Upcoming Netflix Comedy ‘Me Time’

Kevin Hart

Mark Wahlberg and Kevin Hart, two of the biggest stars in Hollywood, are teaming up for the first in the upcoming Netflix comedy Me Time

As reported by Deadline, Me Time stars Hart as a stay-at-home dad who finally gets “me time” for the first in years. This allows him to reconnect with his former best friend, Wahlberg, for a “wild weekend that nearly upends his life.”

Night School writer John Hamburg will write and direct the upcoming movie and will also produce the film through Particular Pictures. Hart and Bryan Smiley will also serve as produces through HartBeat Productions. 

Me Time is part of the new multi-year agreement between Hart, HartBeat Productions, and Netlfix, where Netflix serves as the “creative home” for his films. Netflix is the exclusive streaming service for four of Hart’s feature films. 

Wahlberg is also not a stranger to Netflix, as he starred in the action-comedy Spenser Confidential last year, which was seen by 85 mullion users in the first month. He is also set to appear in the upcoming Uncharted film and Lionsgate’s Arthur The King. He also just finished working on Stu, an upcoming drama that required him to gain 20 pounds, shave his head, and wear prosthetics for the role. 

Neither of the A-list celebrities have appeared in a movie together yet, and fans are excited to see the two iconic actors team up. There is currently no release date for the upcoming movie, but fans will likely learn more information throughout the next few months.