Marlon Wayans Says White Chicks 2 Would Be A Juggernaut

White Chicks

2020 was an absolute clusterf*ck of social and political upheaval, bad news and a global pandemic that forced the entire world to batten down the hatches, lock the doors and close the borders. It was a wild ride to put it lightly, and that sense of constant unease and uncertainty has continued on, even though there’s somehow only four months go go until 2022.

However, one thing that would definitely continue the whole ‘nature is healing’ theme and put our planet back on the right path would obviously be a White Chicks sequel. The 2004 effort from the Wayans family collective became something of a minor pop culture phenomenon and a big box office hit after earning close to $115 million on a $37 million budget back in 2004.

Sequel talk rears its head every now and again, and while Marlon Wayans recently debunked Terry Crews’ opinion that a second installment was definitely on the cards, he did say that Earth needs White Chicks 2 now more than ever.

“I think White Chicks 2 is necessary. I think we’ve tightened up so much that we need to loosen our ties a bit and laugh a little bit. I don’t think Hollywood understands what a juggernaut White Chicks 2 would be. And the world just keeps giving us more. White Chicks 2 is writing itself.”

white chicks terry crews

You can only imagine what a certain section of furious keyboard warriors would have to say if White Chicks 2 was given the green light, with cries of double standards filling forums all over the internet. The original was not a good movie by any plausible stretch of the imagination, but it’s definitely got plenty of fans, and if there was even the merest hint of sociopolitical subtext in the script then it might actually have something to say about modern society.

Do we need it? Probably not, but Wayans seems smart enough to know that it would at least stand to make a decent amount of money, even if he’s resisted the temptation for the last seventeen years and counting.