Martha Stewart Slams Gwyneth Paltrow’s New Vagina Candle

Gwyneth Paltrow

Professional snake oil saleswoman and sometime actor Gwyneth Paltrow’s latest piece of overpriced trash, a candle self-explanatorily named “This Smells Like My Vagina,” has a high profile critic in Martha Stewart.

During a recent talk show appearance, a caller asked the culinary titan her opinion on the ludicrous creation, which despite a $75 price tag has already sold out. After having the item clarified to her, Stewart described Paltrow’s marketing tactics as “irritating” and an attempt to “zhuzh up the public to listen to her.” When asked what it says about America that the candle was such a swift and popular seller, she replied in her inimitably deadpan manner “I think it’s not America, I think it’s a lot of guys who are horny.”

Although once a celebrated and Oscar-winning performer, Paltrow has largely stepped away from acting in recent years, outside of her periodic appearances as Pepper Potts in the MCU movies and her inability to remember which of them she’s been in or who she’s appeared alongside. Instead, she’s been focused on her “wellness” brand Goop, of which the aforementioned ladypart-scented novelty is one of a myriad of products, alongside the likes of overpriced water bottles, cosmetics laced with harmful chemicals, gold dildos and psychic vampire repellent. It also doles out scientifically unsubstantiated advice such as vaginal steaming, the insertion of jade eggs (I think I’m picking up on a theme here) and coffee enemas.

There’s even a Netflix documentary series about the company, The Goop Lab, that advertises and glorifies Gwyneth Paltrow‘s success at schilling pseudoscience to the gullible and desperate, the trailer for which looks like a parody of her nonsense rather than a sincere presentation of it, and seems to be relying on people hate-watching it for the required viewing figures to justify its existence.