Marvel Wants Both Cosmic Ghost Rider And Johnny Blaze In The MCU


Earlier this month, We Got This Covered reported that the folks over at Marvel wanted to introduce Cosmic Ghost Rider into the MCU at some point in the near future. That report was then semi-confirmed this week by MCU Cosmic, who said that Ghost Rider may indeed make his presence known on the big screen soon, but they couldn’t confirm which version of the character we’d see.

Now, however, our sources – the same ones who told us about that Arrow spinoff back in March before Variety confirmed it today – have provided some clarification on the matter, explaining that Kevin Feige and co. want both Johnny Blaze and Cosmic Ghost Rider in the Marvel Cinematic Universe – at the very least – meaning we could potentially get two versions of the hero if all works out, if not more.

What makes this even more interesting is it’s been said that the studio is also into the idea of a Midnight Sons movie. Though nothing appears imminent, the introduction of the crime-fighting squad to the already expansive cinematic landscape would definitely be interesting. However, such a project would obviously be a long ways away and at this point is just something that’s being discussed internally at Marvel Studios.

That being said, the inclusion of two Ghost Riders into the MCU definitely gives fans something to look forward to as the next phase rolls around. It’s unlikely we’ll see either of them anytime soon, but in our previous report, we speculated that Cosmic Ghost Rider could potentially debut in one of the Phase 5 cosmic movies, and that still seems like a strong possibility.

In any case, having Ghost Rider in the MCU can only be a good thing – be it the cosmic version, Johnny Blaze, or both – and as soon as we get any further updates on the matter, we’ll be sure to let you know.

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