Marvel Reportedly Has Plans To Bring Ghost Rider Into MCU Movies

Ghost Rider

One of the most popular Marvel heroes who hasn’t yet shown up in the MCU movies is Ghost Rider. Gabriel Luna played the Robbie Reyes version on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and found favor with fans and the Johnny Blaze original even made a brief cameo on the ABC show. We also know that there’s a Ghost Rider TV series in the works for Hulu, which will see Luna return to the role but still, Marvel’s kept quiet on if any version of the character will ever be seen on the big screen again.

And while that continues to be the case, there’s been some increased chatter online lately about Ghost Rider possibly featuring in an MCU movie one day. If you’ll recall, We Got This Covered was the first to tell you that Kevin Feige and co. were hoping for Cosmic Ghost Rider to debut in a Phase 5 film and now, MCU Cosmic may’ve confirmed our scoop, as they’re reporting that there might indeed be plans for Ghost Rider in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but which version it would be is still unclear.

The outlet cites industry insider Daniel RPK as their source, as the always reliable tipster took to Twitter today with the following Tweet:

Though he doesn’t specify which Ghost Rider could appear, Daniel RPK does mention in the comments that it’ll likely be a “different version” from the one he showed in his Tweet. Whether that means it’ll be Cosmic Ghost Rider as we’ve heard, or someone else, we can’t say for sure, but the very fact that a version of Ghost Rider will soon be in the MCU movies is hugely exciting.

Of course, it could be a while yet before Feige decides to confirm this and reveal which iteration of the hero we’ll be seeing, but as we wait to learn more, tell us, which Ghost Rider do you want in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Sound off down below with your thoughts.