Marvel Exec Urged Avengers: Infinity War Directors To Spare [SPOILER]


As the Avengers: Infinity War fallout continues, and Marvel fans slowly begin to collect themselves after the Thanopocalypse, we’re beginning to learn more about the creative process and heavy-lifting involved in building what is undoubtedly one of the biggest comic book movies, well, ever.

First, there was James Gunn’s revelation about the music used during the Guardians of the Galaxy intro (spoilers: “The Rubberband Man” by The Spinners beat out three worthy contenders), before Sebastian Stan turned in his own verdict of the Infinity War finale. Now, it’s Nate Moore’s turn to chime in.

The Black Panther producer recently sat down with The Huffington Post (h/t CBM) to talk T’Challa, Wakanda and the finer details of Thanos’ master plan. It’s one that ultimately resulted in the universe’s population being slashed in half, though early on in pre-production, Moore urged Joe and Anthony Russo to spare Panther from the Mad Titan’s wrath.

I knew pretty well what they were talking about and personally urged them to reconsider. But the storytelling made sense, so I love that we got to see a little bit more of Wakanda in that film, and I hope to see how they’re going to resolve that.

In doing so, the Russo Brothers raised the stakes considerably, and proved that no one – not even Spidey or Black Panther – is safe from Thanos.

I think ultimately it made for a really interesting [and] almost more complicated ending to that film because of how well ‘Black Panther’ was embraced by audiences. Again, personally painful, but I understand the reasoning.

And if a leaked retail listing is to be believed, it won’t be long before we’re able to take home Avengers: Infinity War, as the Marvel epic is expected to hit Blu-ray and DVD this August – just after the theatrical launch of Ant-Man and the Wasp, which is perhaps the perfect palate cleanser following Joe and Anthony Russo’s immense, near-unprecedented adventure.

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