Marvel Fan Has The Best Idea For How Deadpool 3 Should Begin


More than nineteen months after we laid eyes on Deadpool 2, Ryan Reynolds finally confirmed last week that the threequel is now in development.

Given how long it’s taken for Deadpool 3 to even be officially announced, you’d be forgiven for thinking that we have a long wait ahead of us before we actually see it. And though we don’t imagine Disney will bring us anything before Marvel’s Phase 4 finishes up, Wade Wilson’s next solo outing may not be as far off as you’d think, with numerous reports pointing to a possible 2022 release.

But there’s still a pretty big question looming over the project, and that’s how will it properly introduce Deadpool into the MCU? That remains to be seen, but one fan over on Reddit has come up with a rather perfect way to do it, using the Merc’s fourth wall breaking tendencies.

What this individual has suggested is that the film riffs off The Big Short, which had Margot Robbie show up for a small cameo to explain some of the finer details that audiences needed to know in order to be able to follow the somewhat complex story. And as this user says, Deadpool 3 should do something similar. Only instead of explaining the nitty gritty of stock markets and various financial instruments like in The Big Short, he could explain the Disney/Fox deal.

“Deadpool 3 should open with / feature a scene that mimics Margot Robbie’s in The Big Short, in which he explains the corporate jargon behind the Disney-Fox merger, and how he came to be in the MCU,” writes the user on Reddit.

Honestly, it’s not the worst idea in the world, but from what we’ve heard, Marvel has other things in mind. Apparently, the studio wants to use Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness to bring Wade into the MCU, ahead of his own solo movie. And while Kevin Feige and co. have yet to officially confirm anything on this front, the multiverse certainly seems like a good way to smooth the transition.

But however he gets there, it’s nice to know that Deadpool is headed back to cinemas and we look forward to seeing what route Marvel ends up going in.