Marvel fans already joking about Kevin Feige’s plans to erase ‘Morbius’ from existence

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Despite being one of the worst-reviewed Marvel Comics adaptations of all-time, one that hardly put much of a dent in the box office, Morbius has turned out to be the gift that keeps on giving among the online community.

Whether it’s the tongue-in-cheek demands for a sequel, the litany of “It’s Morbin’ Time!” memes, the steadfast belief that it’s become the first film in history to earn a Morbillion dollars at the box office, or the various spins on the #MorbiusSweep trend, Jared Leto’s debut as the Living Vampire has secured an unlikely wave of long-lasting popularity as an ironic cult favorite.

Even though Sony doesn’t appear to have a clue what its doing, as evidenced by the awful post-credits scenes added during the extensive reshoots, which were then removed from some theatrical prints before being restored on the digital release that leaked online early, fans are already joking about Kevin Feige doing his damndest to distance Morbius from the Marvel Cinematic Universe forever.

Thanks to Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness introducing the concept of incursion, the MCU has another get out jail free storytelling device with which to reset the fabric of any chosen reality.

Feige hasn’t set a word about Sony’s Spider-Man Universe in public, though, but you’ve got to imagine that he’s secretly been banging his head against the wall of his office, and that’s even if he bothered to watch Morbius to see how the rival studio are attempting to ride on his game-changingly successful coattails.

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