The ‘Morbius’ madness continues as Sony removes Spider-Man references


Even though it ranks as one of the worst-reviewed Marvel Comics adaptations in history and has barely scraped past the $160 million mark at the box office, Morbius remains one of the year’s most talked-about blockbusters for a litany of bizarre reasons.

The first installment in Sony’s Spider-Man Universe that didn’t have Tom Hardy’s Venom to rely on was a bit of a disaster, with director Daniel Espinosa doing his best to justify the nonsensical narrative decisions after extensive reshoots butchered his original vision for the Living Vampire’s debut.

And yet, Morbius has become an ironic internet phenomenon, spawning countless memes as fans demand a sequel to what they’ve dubbed the greatest superhero story of our time with dangerous levels of dripping sarcasm.

Nobody’s going to deny that the two post-credits scenes are among the worst stingers to have ever featured in the genre, but a viral tweet reveals that Sony is continuing to tinker with the end product, removing any references made to Spider-Man in the process.

Kevin Feige must be wondering what the hell is going on over at Sony headquarters, with the character-sharing agreement yielding the highs of the MCU’s Spider-Man trilogy, before the concept of the multiverse was immediately bastardized by Morbius.

It’d be a serious turn-up for the books where Jared Leto’s supernatural superhero given his own multi-film series, but Sony’s handling of its Marvel properties has never exactly been defined by rhyme and/or reason, so we definitely can’t rule it out from happening.

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