‘Morbius’ director halfheartedly addresses Tyrese’s missing bionic arm

tyrese morbius

Daniel Espinosa is nothing if not a good sport, with the Morbius director still making the press rounds for the latest installment in Sony’s Spider-Man Universe, where he’s been inundated with questions about the terrible reviews to have greeted the vampiric superhero origin story.

On top of admitting that he doesn’t pay much heed to what the critics are saying unless it’s sent directly to him by his nearest and dearest, the filmmaker has artfully been dodging inquiries as to whether or not studio interference saw the movie taken out of his hands in post-production.

Based on how much footage seen in the trailers was absent from the theatrical cut, it’s an understandable line of questioning, but Espinosa hardly sounded brimming with enthusiasm when he was asked for the whereabouts of Tyrese Gibson’s bionic arm.

In the various promo spots we saw the actor’s Agent Stroud sporting an enhanced appendage, which would have come in handy while tracking a pair of bloodsucking killers around New York City, but fans were left wondering why it was omitted from Morbius entirely. Speaking to TheWrap, Espinosa’s explanation was far from illuminating.

“I mean, it’s still there. I think that if you look at the fourth-to-last shot, there’s something there. It could mean something for the future, you know.”

It’s there in one of the film’s very last shots, but doesn’t get mentioned or seen anywhere up until that point. Based on the reviews and box office projections, it’s up for debate if Morbius will even get a sequel to bring back Tyrese and his cybernetic limb.

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