Marvel Fans Are Losing It Over Spider-Man Staying In The MCU


Today is a good day for Marvel lovers as Spider-Man is officially staying put and will not, it turns out, be leaving the MCU, after all. It looked like a permanent shift there for a while, with Sony and Disney publicly ending their partnership, but the two studios have now hashed out an agreement that allows for Tom Holland’s web-slinger to feature in at least two more Marvel flicks and first up is Spider-Man 3coming in July 2021.

Spidey fans are going crazy over the news, too, as social media is bursting with ecstatic reactions from those who can’t believe their luck. Here are just a sprinkling of some of the most memorable:

Even Goofy’s happy that Spidey’s back with the Disney family.

We did it, guys.

As Tobey Maguire might put it…

Just in case you hadn’t got the message yet – Spider-Man’s back in the MCU.

Spider-Man 3 coming in less than two years? Yes, please!

2021 is shaping up to be the best year of our lives, as Spider-Man 3 makes four MCU movies and TV shows coming our way in just 12 months!

This is really exciting and all, but do we remember the shocking ending of Far From HomeNow we’ll have to actually see what happens next and how Peter’s life is destroyed by Mysterio’s actions.

This new deal means that as well as his MCU appearances, Holland will also show up in Sony’s own Marvel movies, too. So it’s really not out of the question that he could appear in Venom 2. Plus, there’s that mystery second MCU film to consider as well. A team-up or crossover of some sort? All we can saw for sure right now is that we’ve got a lot of Spider-Man coming our way over the next few years and fans have certainly got the best of both worlds.