Marvel Fans Want Captain America And Thor To Date In The MCU

Thor Ragnarok
Image via Marvel Studios

Let’s be real, there’s are some downright wild ideas for future Marvel storylines out there. Fans recently shared some of their wackiest What If…? ideas but now it looks like they’re moiving on to shipping two of the most popular characters in the MCU together — Captain America and Thor.

The wildest part of all of this? The reason fans would like to see it comes from a canonical moment in the comics. SmellsLikePetrichors posted on Reddit asking, “Would anyone else be open to the MCU forming a romantic relationship between Captain America and The Mighty Thor?” and shared a picture from All New, All Different Avengers #4 which shows Captain America and Thor kissing each other.

With it reported that Sam Wilson will be Captain America in seveal upcoming films it makes the potential ship incredibly possible. It would be a huge move on Marvel Studios’ part to show a gay romance form on screen and could be a bold choice that fill theaters seats in a major way. It could also be a great way for Anthony Mackie to get fans back on his side after previous comments on shipping Sam and Bucky together got him into hot water.

Fans seemed to be mixed about their feelings on the idea, with some being all for it and others simply not minding if we saw it happen on the silver screen and it was written well.

So what do you think, should Thor and Captain America become an item in future MCU projects? Let us know in the comments!