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Fans Share Their “Sh-tty” Ideas For What If…? Episodes And Some Are Downright Hilarious

What if the Avengers got Mexican food after the battle in New York? The answer is secretly brilliant.

Marvel What If
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There’s no way to deny that Marvel’s What If…? has seriously inspired some passionate reactions from fans. While some fans are extremely angry over a character’s death in last week’s episode, others have decided to have a little bit more fun and pitch their most bizarre ideas for episodes and some are secretly brilliant while others are downright hilarious.

User Ok_Transition5602 asked on Reddit for people’s “sh-tty what if ideas” and received over 2000 responses. It seems a lot of fans had a lot of ideas to share, but an especially large amount of them were themed around giving Hulk a unique story.

Fan-favorite character Korg was also mentioned.

Another fan took to shipping two characters together for some seriously interesting results.

While some users just tried to be silly, others were downright brilliant. legomaximumfigure asked, “What if Ronin the Accuser won the dance off at the end of Guardians of the Galaxy,” and a lot of fans actually supported the idea, pointing out how interesting the story could be.

One user was curious to see what would actually happen if one of the worst parts of Thanos’s plan that fans have criticized for years was actually fixed.

Of course, the most important What If…? of all might be:

It looks like the creativity of Marvel fans is simply overflowing! It will be interesting to see the likely much more thought-out ideas What If…? presents viewers in the future.

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