Marvel Reportedly Plans To Introduce A Black Captain Marvel In The MCU


Brie Larson has only appeared twice as Captain Marvel to date, but the studio may already be working on who could replace her once her contract is up in a few years’ time. We reported yesterday that Marvel is in the early stages of planning to have Carol Danvers’ mantle passed on to someone else and it appears that those fans crying out for a black Captain Marvel will soon have their prayers answered.

Industry insider Daniel Richtman took to Twitter this weekend to discuss the increasing diversification of the superhero population of the MCU, commenting that soon we’ll have a black Spider-Man and Captain Marvel. It’s unclear at present if Richtman is merely speculating or if he’s basing his hypothesis on insider intel, but he has an excellent track record when it comes to scoops and as you can see below, he claims that Monica Rambeau will eventually become the MCU’s new Captain Marvel.

Akira Ackbar played the young Monica in Captain Marvel, but the real seeds for the heroine’s future in the MCU will be sown in WandaVisionwhich will reintroduce her as an adult, as played by Teyonah Parris. We know from set photos that Monica has grown up to be an agent of S.W.O.R.D. but what we don’t know is if she’ll get any superpowers of her own in the series and take on one of her many aliases from the comics, like maybe Photon or Spectrum.

In the source material, Monica was actually the first female Captain Marvel, predating Carol taking on the mantle. So, it would only be fitting that she gets to reclaim the title in the MCU. This wouldn’t be for a long while yet, though, as not only is Larson on board for Captain Marvel 2, but she’ll also stick around for Captain Marvel 3 and the New Avengers movie, as well as the odd cameo here and there.

There’s no need to fret about Carol’s future in the franchise, then. Just know that Marvel are playing the long game when it comes to the character of Monica Rambeau and the Captain Marvel brand and she’ll soon inherit the title.