Marvel Hoping To Introduce The Next Avengers Team In Ant-Man 3

Avengers: Endgame

Even though Captain Marvel 2 was given an official release date as Disney announced a huge reshuffling of their upcoming release schedule due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, there was no mention of Ant-Man 3. The return of the MCU’s tiniest superhero is still slated to be a part of the studio’s Phase Five lineup alongside Carol Danvers’ second solo outing and Black Panther II, but with the entirety of Phase Four being pushed back, it now seems unlikely that we’ll see the third Ant-Man adventure before 2023.

Rick and Morty alum Jeff Loveness was recently hired to write the script, although star Paul Rudd is widely expected to have a hand in the creative process after receiving writing credits for the first two movies, as well as speculation that he’d already completed work on a first draft for Scott Lang’s latest effort that was set to include fan-favorite villain MODOK.

We’ve reported previously that the five-year time-jump in Avengers: Endgame would play a significant part in the story of Ant-Man 3, with Scott’s daughter Cassie set to emulate her comic book counterpart and join the Young Avengers. Not to mention that Kevin Feige has admitted previously that the team were definitely on their way to the MCU at some point. That looks to be the direction that Marvel are currently heading in, too, with the latest version of Ant-Man 3 said to be dedicating a lot of time to Scott trying to stop his daughter from following in his footsteps as a superhero.

According to The GWW, here’s what we’ll see in the threequel:

Originally, Marvel wanted to put the Fantastic 4 in ‘Ant-Man 3,’ but now they have pivoted away from that and want to feature some incarnation of the Young Avengers in the film.

While the series remains among the lowest earners of the MCU’s standalone franchises at the box office, the Ant-Man movies offer the sort of light-hearted capers that the cinematic universe seems to have forgotten about in the age of planet-leveling destruction, and watching Paul Rudd try and be a good dad as well as a hero makes a nice counterpoint to the rest of the Avengers running around trying to save the universe every time they hit the big screen.