Marvel Phase 5’s most cursed movie may finally have a production start date, but fans no longer care

Kit Harington as Dane Whitman aka Black Knight in 'Eternals'
Image via Marvel Studios

When thinking of the movies we’ve got to come in Marvel’s Phase Five, it’s easy to forget the one that’s actually scheduled to conclude the next two years of the MCU — it’s Blade, the reboot of the cult favorite Wesley Snipes character, who’s now played by Mahershala Ali. The Oscar-winner’s casting was first announced way back in 2019, but since then the project has been plagued by so many problems that, even though it’s now getting somewhere, fans no longer care.

To briefly recap, Blade was in such bad shape last October that Marvel officially shut down pre-production after being forced to tear up the script and start again from scratch. This cost them the film’s original director, as Bassim Tariq walked away from the project. Thankfully, Lovecraft Country‘s Yam Demange took over the reins a month later, with Michael Starrbury hired to do a page-one rewrite. Now, the latest rumors say Blade is finally on track to start shooting in May.

The only problem is that fans have been burned by this movie, like a vampire by the sun, too many times at this point to raise their hopes too high. Most, it seems, have adopted a cynical “we’ll believe it when we see it” viewpoint.

Who’s supposed to be doing the slaying here, is it Blade or the fans?

One the film finally gets here, the Daywalker might be called that because it takes him all day to walk anywhere.

Others remain convinced Blade won’t be able to make its current release date.

OK, random Reddit dude, we trust you.

While we did get to hear Ali in the Eternals post-credits scene, we’ve still yet to see him turn up in person as Eric Brooks. Presumably we’ll have to wait until Blade itself gets here, which is presently scheduled as Sept. 6, 2024.