Marvel Reportedly Wants To Make Deadpool A Skrull In The MCU


Ever since Disney completed their acquisition of 20th Century Fox, fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe have been wondering exactly how Kevin Feige would decide to bring Fox’s comic book characters into a shared mythology that has already been established for over a decade. Obviously, audiences are used to seeing the X-Men lineup change continuously after a dozen movies that included sequels, reboots, spinoffs and even combinations of the two, but Deadpool poses an altogether different problem.

While Charles Xavier’s super-powered team of mutants could be brought into the MCU with a relatively simple narrative explanation, the Merc with a Mouth is foul-mouthed, self-aware and loves to break the fourth wall. Finding a way to bring somebody like that into a series that has never ventured anywhere close to R-rated territory or meta references will take a delicate balancing act.

With Deadpool 3 now officially in active development at Marvel Studios though, we’ll get our answer soon enough, with plenty of rumors doing the rounds already about how Wade Wilson manages to team up with the scattered members of the Avengers. And while it remains to be seen what route Marvel will ultimately head down, we’re now hearing of a rather interesting idea that they’re mulling over for the Merc.

According to our sources – the same ones who told us Aladdin 2 was in development last year and that Taskmaster would be the villain in Black Widow, both of which we now know to be true – Deadpool could show up as a Skrull in Captain Marvel 2. The intel we’ve gotten claims that one of the major plot threads in the sequel will be the reveal that a number of established superheroes have been Skrulls for a while and that one idea currently being floated is to have Deadpool cameo as a member of the shape-shifting alien race. It’s unclear how long he would’ve been a Skrull for – presumably, it would’ve happened after Deadpool 3 – but eventually, Carol Danvers and whoever ends up fighting alongside her will realize that they’re battling an enemy, with the real version of the Merc with a Mouth appearing by the end once the threat of the Skrulls has been dealt with.

While none of this can be officially confirmed as to be happening yet and is just one potential idea, having Deadpool cameo as a Skrull in Captain Marvel 2 would certainly fit his established reputation if handled right. Think about it. The real Wade Wilson could show up and crack a joke or two about Disney or Fox being responsible for having him replaced by an alien, before poking fun at the MCU by asking what happened to the X-Men. It would definitely make sense for Marvel Studios to have him cameo in other films in the franchise, too, just so everyone knows that he’s now part of the same universe as all the other heroes.

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