Nova And Adam Warlock Rumored For Marvel’s Annihilation Movie

Warlock Guardians of the Galaxy

Marvel fans have been waiting to see Adam Warlock in the MCU for a long time now. And while we still don’t know for sure where we may meet him, it’s looking like his arrival is imminent. After all, his creation was teased in one of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2’s several post-credits scenes, so surely his debut in the franchise can’t be far behind, right? In fact, Vol. 3 seems like a pretty good bet for where we’ll first see him.

Likewise, Nova is also someone who fans have been calling for Marvel to introduce, and with a solo movie for the hero now in early development, it seems it won’t be too long before we meet him, either. Which is, of course, hugely exciting.

But beyond all that, it seems Marvel has some pretty big plans for both characters, as scoopster Mike Sutton is reporting this week that the studio is teeing up an Annihilation movie that’ll adapt the comic book arc of the same name and feature Warlock and Nova in prominent roles.

Apparently, this will be a big event film that includes all sorts of MCU cosmic characters, with the aforementioned two said to be a huge part of it. Other heroes name-dropped for the movie are Captain Marvel, Moondragon and Quasar, while the villains are said to be Annihilus, Galactus and Terrax. It’s unclear how closely it would stick to the comic book arc, but it’s apparently something that’s definitely coming together behind the scenes at Marvel Studios.

Of course, it’s worth taking this with a grain of salt as there’s been no confirmation from anyone at the studio about it and it’s presumably something that’s a long ways away. That being said, this also isn’t the first we’ve heard about an Annihilation movie and it’s a project that’s been popping up every few months as something that’s being developed. Which makes sense, too, given the popularity of the source material and where the MCU is clearly headed.

But tell us, would you be into seeing this happen? And who do you want to see play Warlock and Nova? Sound off below with your thoughts.