Marvel Reportedly Developing Heroes For Hire MCU Movie


It’s been a pretty interesting year for Marvel Studios fans. Over the last twelve months, the House of Ideas brought us Captain Marvel, Avengers: Endgame and Spider-Man: Far From Home, each one a billion-dollar grossing film that went down very well both critically and commercially. However, fans of the more street-level heroes received devastating news when Netflix series Jessica Jones and The Punisher were axed, bringing an end to the Defenders as we knew them.

However, we already know that Kevin Feige has plans for all of them in the MCU, with folks like Matt Murdock, Jessica Jones and Frank Castle said to be hopping over with the same actors playing them, while both Luke Cage and Danny Rand will be rebooted, with new talent cast in the roles. And while it’s unclear as of yet who might be portraying them (though we have heard of a few names Marvel’s eyeing), it seems Feige has some exciting things in store as Marvel’s reportedly developing a Heroes For Hire movie for Cage and Rand to headline.

If you’ll recall, there were whispers of this a few months back, with a few outlets mentioning that some sort of project was in the works for the pair and now, we can confirm that a film is indeed in early development. From what we understand, it’s “very likely” to happen and is currently being plotted out.

Our sources – the same ones who said the real Mandarin will be the villain of Shang-Chi and a Ms. Marvel TV show was in the works well before it was announced – explain that the studio is hoping to have Drew Goddard write and direct the project if it moves forward and the plot would see Luke and Danny being hired to protect a woman who’s secretly a mutant. Which mutant she is has yet to be decided upon, but one idea is apparently to make her Polaris, who was recently seen on Fox’s The Gifted.

The details we’ve been given end there, but again, we’ve been told Feige is pretty hot on the project and with Cage and Rand soon entering the MCU, why wouldn’t he be? After all, fans have been calling for a Heroes for Hire movie for a while now and it seems like it’s about time the studio answered their cries.