Marvel Reportedly Plans To Replace Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel With [SPOILERS]

Captain Marvel
Image via Marvel Studios

It feels like Brie Larson is just starting her career as Captain Marvel, but a new report claims that the studio is already lining up her replacement. Though the Oscar-winning actress was cast way back in 2016, Larson has only played Carol Danvers twice to date and her next scheduled appearance is The Marvels, AKA Captain Marvel 2, which will pair her up with both Teyonah Parris’ Monica Rambeau and Iman Vellani’s Ms. Marvel.

According to Giant Freakin Robot, though, the studio has other motives behind this team-up than just giving Carol some assistance in saving the world. GFR says that they’re already looking to replace Larson with one of these two heroines. That doesn’t necessarily mean that she’s about to exit the MCU imminently, just that Marvel is playing the long game and whenever it’s time for Carol to put her superhero days behind her, either Monica or Kamala will be the next Captain Marvel. That being said, they do note that Brie won’t be around for “much longer.”

GFR also states that the decision has yet to be finalized because Marvel is waiting to see the fan reaction to both characters. Parris made a big impression as the grown-up Monica in WandaVision, so that’s a solid start, and we’ll soon meet Vellani’s Kamala when her Disney Plus show arrives later this year. Then, in The Marvels, we’ll find out how the trio works together. That should help us really get to know the two newer characters and maybe prove which one should be next in line to take over from Carol.

It looks like a kind of Sam/Bucky situation is developing here, then. Just like some wanted Bucky to become the second Captain America, there will no doubt be fans on both Team Monica and Team Kamala when the time comes for a new Captain Marvel. As for when that could be, we don’t know. All we can say for now is that we’ll see Brie Larson in the MCU next when The Marvels hits theaters in November 2022.

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