Marvel Reportedly Wants Spider-Man In Deadpool 4

Deadpool-Spider-Man (1)

Ryan Reynolds may have only recently confirmed that Deadpool 3 was in active development under new ownership at Marvel Studios, but given that their cinematic universe is meticulously laid out years in advance in order for all the pieces to seamlessly fit together, there’s no chance that Kevin Feige and his team will be approaching the Merc with a Mouth on a movie-by-movie basis.

Unfortunately, however, we probably won’t see the third installment until the tail-end of Phase Five at the earliest, given both the huge number of projects the MCU already has in the works for the next few years as well as Reynolds’ increasingly packed schedule. But that gives them plenty of time to figure out how to approach the character, something that has already reportedly been the subject of behind-the-scenes disagreements, as introducing a foul-mouthed, fourth wall-breaking antihero like Deadpool into the established continuity of the franchise looks set to cause more than a few headaches.

And while details on Deadpool 3 have been hard to come by, we’ve now heard that Marvel are indeed planning ahead for the fourth installment and right now, they want Tom Holland’s Spider-Man to play a major role in the pic. It’s unclear how he’d factor in or what the two heroes will get up to, but sources close to WGTC – the same ones who said Taskmaster would be the main villain in Black Widow, Ryan Reynolds had a cameo in Hobbs & Shaw and Now You See Me 3 is in development, all of which turned out to be true – say that the plan is to have Spidey and Wade meet in the MCU ahead of time and then to have them both in Deadpool 4.

Of course, Spider-Man and the Merc with a Mouth is a team-up that fans have been wanting to see on the big screen forever, and Holland and Reynolds seem to be becoming fast friends after the latter gifted the young actor with an entire case of gin. Not to mention that the idea of the MCU’s wide-eyed, innocent high school kid crossing paths with the self-aware, crude and violent Deadpool has the potential for major fireworks and will surely be at the top of Marvel’s list of crossover priorities when planning the character’s future at his new home.