Marvel Was Reportedly Surprised By Tessa Thompson/Taika Waititi Photos, But Still Supportive


Marvel director Taika Waititi and Valkyrie star Tessa Thompson became the focus of a lot of online and press attention last week following some paparazzi photos of the pair going viral. Waititi and Thompson were captured, along with British singer Rita Ora, in the midst of an intimate and cozy scene at the former’s house in Bondi, Australia. The images depicted a three-way kiss between the trio, suggesting they’re involved in a polyamorous relationship.

This scrutiny into their private lives led to some reports arguing that Thompson and Waititi were in trouble with Disney, with the filmmaker allegedly being reprimanded by the studio for his salacious antics, which were apparently viewed as antithetical to the Mouse House’s family-friendly reputation. Further intel, however, is now discrediting these claims.

Tipster Daniel Richtman has shared that his own sources tell him Marvel is actually completely OK with the situation and prior reports have massively overblown any bad blood between the different parties. In fact, the scooper describes Kevin Feige and co. as being “very supportive” of Waititi and Thompson during this time. Apparently, execs were “just a bit surprised” when the pics leaked and that’s all there is to it.

According to this new bit of info, then, the extent of the studio’s reaction was much less severe than previously believed and was more in line with that of the fans instead. Sure, the images in question generated a lot of discussion, but you couldn’t exactly call this a scandal. It’s just a plain, old-fashioned interest in celebrities’ personal lives and relationships. No one involved has done anything wrong, so there’s no need for Disney to punish them.

It probably helps that Taika Waititi and Tessa Thompson have just wrapped making what will no doubt be one of Marvel’s biggest Phase 4 movies, too, as production on Thor: Love and Thunder has now completed. And if there’s any discomfort about this incident at Disney, it’ll likely have blown over by the time the Chris Hemsworth vehicle arrives in theaters next May.