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Marvel shares the definitive list of MCU dads, but forgets the hero who started it all

Arguably the MOST iconic figure in the MCU.

ant-man and the wasp

It’s fathers day and to celebrate Marvel has shared a collection of the most important father figures in the MCU. While this list does contain some additions that fans might not consider great dads, it did forget arguably the most important figure in the MCU.

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As fans immediately pointed out and flooded the comments noting, somehow, in the Instagram post, Marvel forgot to highlight Tony Stark. Iron Man became a father in the time between Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame.

His daughter Morgan Stark featured in Endgame as a child and had a planned scene as an adult which ultimately didn’t make the final cut. Nonetheless, Tony is indeed one of the most important dads in the MCU and not one that you’d want to miss.

In the collection of dads, Marvel featured other characters that you’d expect such as Scott Lang, Clint Barton, Odin, and T’Chaka. Strangely, the list also included Thanos who might not be the best representative of a father figure in the MCU.

As the MCU expands there have been even more dads joining the franchise and even outside of the 10 people that Marvel highlighted, fans took it upon themselves to take to social media to celebrate all of the best dads.

However, given the MCU began with Iron Man and Tony Stark, surely you’d think he’d get a little Father’s Day love?

Fans stormed the comment section wondering where their beloved ‘second dad’ was in the post.

Screengrab via Marvel UK (Instagram)

Speaking of the MCU’s expansion, fans will get more of the MCU’s newest dad, Yusuf Khan, when Ms. Marvel returns with a new episode this Wednesday and each Wednesday for the following four weeks.

In the film department, fans can expect the next MCU adventure Thor: love and Thunder to drop on July 8.