Marvel Studios Releases 100 Day Countdown Promo For Captain Marvel


Do you know what today is, True Believers? Yes, we’re one day closer now to getting that elusive first Avengers 4 trailer, whenever that may land, but November 27th also marks 100 days until the release of Captain Marvel, the first MCU movie coming our way in 2019. And the official Marvel Studios Twitter account reminded us of this fact with a brief visual promo that sees Brie Larson’s Carol Danvers posing in front of a starscape with the all-important number emblazoned behind her.

The use of space in the background reminds us that Captain Marvel will be at least partially another cosmic Marvel movie. In contrast to the usual structure of superhero origin films though, Carol will already have her Kree-enhanced powers and be part of the Star Force squad in space when the film begins. She’ll then crash-land on Earth in the 1990s and recover her lost memories of her time as a regular human being.

The promo also features Captain Marvel in her iconic blue, red and gold costume, but we know she won’t be wearing this from the start. Instead, she’ll begin the film in a very similar green version that appears to be the Star Force uniform. Her choice of clothes looks to develop along with her powers, as the trailer ended on an awe-inspiring tease of a moment when Carol glows with light.

In fact, Captain Marvel’s expected to be the most powerful hero in the whole of the MCU. That may be tough to believe when the Avengers have a god, a time traveling wizard and Hawkeye in their ranks, but it begins to make sense when you remember that Brie Larson teased that Carol could move whole planets. That makes Thanos’ control of the moon in Avengers: Infinity War look small-fry.

We’ll get to see just how powerful she is with our own two eyes when Captain Marvel arrives in cinemas on March 8th.