That Massive Avengers 4 Plot Leak Has Now Been Debunked


Well, we probably should have seen this coming.

Currently bracing for a summer of reshoots, it’s fair to say that Joe and Anthony Russo’s Avengers 4 has been draped in a thick veil of mystery ever since it was first revealed to the world as Infinity War – Part 2. That subtitle has since been ditched entirely in favor of, well, nothing, and the subsequent radio silence surrounding its moniker has only provided yet more fodder for the rumor mill.

Speaking of which, a massive plot leak hit the web the other day, claiming that Avengers 4 will herald the curtain call for Marvel’s Phase One heroes (read: Iron Man, Thor, Captain America et. al), after all. And it didn’t end there, either, as the alleged intel went on to highlight a series of interesting plot points which, quite frankly, sounded a bit too wild to be true. Turns out that’s because they weren’t, as the leak’s now been debunked.

The individual who originally posted the leak took to Reddit earlier today to reveal his ruse, writing:

I want to clear this up. Everything I wrote in my post was made up and fake.

About a month ago I saw u/20wordleaks do the same thing by posting fake spoilers and saw how everyone believed him. I decided to try this but with more fake details to make it look even more legit.

Alot of you noticed that I copied most of my “leaks” from 20wordleaks such as Hawkeye family being dusted in the post credits and plot points that incorporated the photos of the Avengers 1 era. I mixed in my own theories to make my post seem even more legit.

So, that settles that, then. And really, like we said above, we should’ve seen this coming. Just take one look at Infinity War for proof of how good Marvel is at keeping a lock and key on things, with most of the film’s biggest shocks and surprises staying that way right up until release. When it comes to the MCU, not much leaks out ahead of time and what does is usually false. In other words, tread carefully out there.

Because with still nearly a year to go before Marvel’s ready to lift the lid on Avengers 4, you can be sure that the internet will be full of fake information and rumors that ultimately lead to nothing. We’re not saying to pay no attention to them, just to take everything with a grain of salt, unless it comes directly from the studio.