Matt Damon Is On The Warpath In Latest Jason Bourne Still


Fierce, relentless, unforgiving – three character traits that help create the near-perfect one-man army in Jason Bourne, Universal’s prized action icon that will be making a return late next month via Paul Greengrass’ franchise reboot.

Emerging from the shadows and into a world reeling from the impact of Edward Snowden, we pick up at a time when Matt Damon’s shunned CIA agent is housed up in Greece – a country with a population in total revolt, judging by the action-packed trailers.

Keeping up the momentum ahead of July 29, Empire has brought forth a new action shot of Jason Bourne, reaffirming that Damon’s former operative is very much on the warpath. Here, he’s ruffling the feathers of CIA brass Robert Dewey (played by franchise newcomer Tommy Lee Jones), and it’s a confrontation that will no doubt steer Bourne toward the movie’s true big bad, played in this instance by Vincent Cassel.

Themes of global surveillance and data mining are said to feature across Paul Greengrass’ globetrotting thriller, and as Damon tells Empire, next month’s blockbuster will mark the franchise’s first foray into the murky world of cyber warfare.

“Alicia [Vikander] represents the way the world has changed,” explains Damon. “The whole cyber element wasn’t there ten years ago. And Tommy Lee and Vincent Cassel make it feel like a new Bourne movie, but it’s definitely recognisable as a Bourne movie.”

We’re now just over a month out from Jason Bourne‘s theatrical release, with Universal’s franchise reboot pegged to arrive on July 29.