Matt Smith still hoping for ‘Morbius’ sequels despite bad buzz

Image via Sony/Marvel

Morbius might be facing some bad buzz in the run-up to its release, but one star of the incoming Sony movie remains hopeful that it will spawn a franchise. Sony’s latest entry in their ever-growing Spider-Man spinoff universe has been delayed multiple times over the past couple years, which has made it something of a social media punching bag. Unfortunately, now that it’s here, it’s not proving the dissenters wrong, with early reviews being uniformly negative.

Still, we know the studio has big plans for Morbius and that the film itself does a lot of heavy-lifting for the future of the Sonyverse. So its poor reception might not be enough to stop Jared Leto’s Living Vampire from being resurrected in a sequel. While chatting to Digital Spy ahead of its arrival in theaters this Friday, star Matt Smith revealed that he’s confident Morbius will introduce “a new world” that will be explored across “multiple” films.

“It’s a new Marvel character for them to sink their teeth into, as it were,” Smith said. “I’m sure Michael Morbius will be one that will keep returning, so hopefully it opens up a new world which will continue in multiple films beyond this.”

Smith went on to add that he’s “excited” for audiences to finally get the chance to see the flick, as it’s been kept on the shelf for so long, and is keeping his fingers crossed that folks turn up to check it out on the big screen.

“We made it yonks (ages) ago, I can’t actually believe it’s coming out to be honest with you,” the actor continued. “I am excited for people to see it. I hope people enjoy it and I hope people go to the cinema to see it as well, because it’s, you know, a movie.”

Smith is set to play Milo, the main antagonist of the piece, an old friend of Leto’s, Dr. Michael Morbius, who suffers from the same rare blood disease. Going by his prior teases at his character having some superpowers of his own, he’ll likely become a Living Vampire himself.

If Morbius does crash and burn after just one movie, it sadly won’t be the first time this has happened to Smith. The Doctor Who veteran already played the bad guy in the similarly ill-fated Terminator: Genisys back in 2015. We’ll find out how Morbius ends up faring at the box office when it swoops into cinemas this April 1.