Matthew Vaughn Will Write And Direct Lexicon

I’ve been waiting a while to hear what director Matthew Vaughn‘s next project would be, and with good reason. The man has given us films like X-Men: First Class and Kick-Ass, two excellent titles that are personal favorites of mine.

While he’s still hard at work on the sequel to X-Men: First Class, he now has another project lined up. According to Deadline, Vaughn is hoping to adapt Max Berry’s upcoming novel Lexicon, which follows “a female member of an ancient secret society that uses words to convince others to do their bidding, but she breaks the group’s number one rule by falling in love.”

Though he only has four films under his belt, Vaughn is one of the most exciting filmmakers out there. The story of Lexicon definitely sounds interesting and it’s something that I think Vaughn could work well with. Admittedly, it sounds quite different from his previous movies but based off the story alone, and Vaughn’s involvement, Lexicon is sounding pretty promising.

It may be a while before this one gets off the ground but considering Vaughn is both writing and directing, I think we should start getting excited right about, now.

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