MCU fans debating who should replace Jon Watts on ‘Fantastic Four’

bryce dallas howard

Having already been the subjects of four feature films boasting three different lineups, one of which was only made to keep hold of the rights and never released, while another ranks as the single worst-reviewed Marvel Comics adaptation in history on Rotten Tomatoes, fans are well within their rights to think that maybe the Fantastic Four are cursed when it comes to the big screen.

For a while things were going swimmingly, though, with Spider-Man director Jon Watts continuing his association with Kevin Feige’s cinematic universe by tackling the superpowered quartet. However, the awe-inspiring critical and commercial success of Spider-Man: No Way Home looks to have significantly drained the filmmaker’s creative batteries, with Watts departing Fantastic Four yesterday.

Luckily, things are at an early enough stage that it isn’t viewed as a major setback, considering that we’ve got no idea who’s writing the script, while casting information, plot details, or even a release window are non-existent. As always, Twitter was almost instantly at the ready to float some potential candidates to take over Fantastic Four, and you can check out the suggestions below.

There are a lot of interesting suggestions being put forward, with Bryce Dallas Howard in particular gaining a lot of traction online. Justin Lin is available following his departure from the Fast X director’s chair, or Marvel could always recruit from within to hand the reins to someone like Peyton Reed, no stranger to the property himself having tried to get a blockbuster off the ground back in the day.

It could be a while before we find out, but Marvel rarely gets it wrong when deciding on the person wielding the megaphone, so we’re confident Fantastic Four will be fine in the long run.