MCU Fans Freaking Out Over Emma Stone Returning For Spider-Man 3

Emma Stone

There were a whole lot of problems with Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man duology, but everyone seems to be in agreement that the performances of Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone most definitely weren’t among them. The leads did fantastic work as Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy, with their crackling chemistry papering over many of the shortcomings in the narrative department, and fans were sad to see them go when the franchise was rebooted once again.

Of course, as the old saying goes, nobody is really dead for good in either comic books or their big screen adaptations, with Stone the latest name to be announced for the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Spider-Man 3. Obviously, her Gwen was killed off at the end of The Amazing Spider-Man 2, but with the multiverse in play now, the rulebook has been torn up, thrown out and rewritten from page one.

Reports had been making the rounds last week that the Academy Award winner had dropped out of Damien Chazelle’s Babylon in favor of Spider-Man 3, with Margot Robbie stepping in as her replacement. Now, the news has seemingly been confirmed along with a whole host of major new additions, and the MCU fanbase instantly took to social media in celebration, as you can see below.

The stacked cast has rightfully sent the fans into meltdown, but based on what happened the last time we got a Spider-Man 3 stuffed with too many subplots and supporting characters, there should be at least a hint of trepidation surrounding Jon Watts’ threequel. That being said, we know better at this point than to bet against the MCU, and the latest adventure for Tom Holland’s web-slinger is shaping up as the single most exciting superhero blockbuster on the horizon.