MCU fans wonder how nobody noticed Loki pulling off his most grand escape


In order to thwart Thanos’ grand plan and bring back all those that were dusted in the snap, in Avengers: Endgame the Avengers needed to travel back in time in order to grab the Infinity Stones with the one caveat, don’t change the past. Well, that went to hell in a high basket when, in the attempts to nab the Tesseract, they allowed a defeated Loki to escape with said gem. But some MCU fans are wondering how did nobody notice the Lord of Mischief pull off his escape and put a stop to it?

The events of Endgame meant that a new timeline for Loki was created, one in which he escaped, was never a prisoner on Asgard, never inadvertently brought about the demise of both his adoptive parents, made good with his brother, or died at the hands of Thanos. This allowed Marvel to create to Loki series, with the character bypassing death once more.

The actions of this new Loki however are going to make waves that will ripple across the multiverse thanks to the death of He Who Remains leaving room for Kang the Conqueror to make an appearance.

This was all set in motion by the Avengers’ plans going somewhat askew, and now fans are wondering how a team of trained soldiers and agents plus the Avengers on the scene couldn’t have stopped this.

Many think that the (adopted) Asgardian simply has luck on his side.

It is kind of unfair to expect mere mortals to go up against the God of Mischief, even if he is bound and gagged.

And because they are human they are bound to have human foibles, like being a little distracted by the manic situation they had found themselves in, even if they are trained individuals.

People forget just how easy it is to lose track of something or someone in mere seconds, even if they are important.

One user made the very valid point that there was a Hulk on the loose, and you know that’s going to take all your focus.

Some make the very obvious yet highly unimaginative point that this isn’t real.

Here is a slightly more creative response, that Loki is, after all, a master illusionist. Though now the debate is whether he can use his magic in those cuffs.

These Reddit threads are here to ask the big questions or in this case the nit-picky questions. But in this case, regardless of how or why it happened, it did, and now we have a fantastic first season of Loki with a second on the way along with the introduction of one of Marvel’s greatest ever villains.