MCU Sinister Six Lineup Rumored To Be Revealed

Mysterio Spider-Man: Far From Home

The DCEU’s Suicide Squad may have been largely panned by critics, but it still managed to earn close to $750 million at the box office, while James Gunn’s upcoming soft reboot looks like it has the potential to be something equal parts special and spectacular. This would have no doubt caused some jealousy in the Sony boardroom, after their plans to give the Sinister Six their own spinoff fell by the wayside.

Drew Goddard was an inspired choice to write and direct considering his penchant for subverting genre trappings in the likes of The Cabin in the Woods and The Martian, while the villainous ensemble was heavily teased throughout The Amazing Spider-Man 2, although a little too heavily seeing as the constant visual references wound up going nowhere after the studio’s second Spidey franchise imploded.

However, there’s been no shortage of speculation that Sinister Six could be back on the cards once more, especially when Sony are announcing solo movies for many of their villains, with Kraven the Hunter in development alongside Venom: Let There Be Carnage and Morbius, both of which are in the can and awaiting release.

A new rumor now claims that the Sinister Six will be teased in Spider-Man: No Way Home, with the team consisting of Kraven, Vulture, Electro, Sandman, Mysterio and Doc Ock. Of course, we should advise you to take this one with a pinch of salt seeing as the story was posted on Reddit having first popped up on 4Chan, and there are a number of mitigating factors as to why it might not end up happening.

For one, Kraven and Sandman haven’t been cast yet to the best of our knowledge, while Vulture and Mysterio are believed to be unavailable. Michael Keaton is busy with another multiversal superhero epic thanks to The Flash, and Jake Gyllenhaal is hard at work running away from explosions on Michael Bay’s action thriller Ambulance. Still, we can’t rule anything out just yet and at the very least, Spider-Man 3 will no doubt begin to plant some seeds for the formation of the Sinister Six.