MCU theory explains how Thor was right about mankind all along

Image via Marvel Studios

An intuitive Marvel fanatic has theorized that Thor — God of Thunder — was right about Earth all along. This thought-provoking theory was posted to Reddit by user u/SamaritanPrime.

As SamaritanPrime reiterates, in The Avengers (2012), an argument ensues before Loki attacks the Helicarrier. Captain America, Thor, Iron Man and Hulk discuss the fate of mankind in a heated debate that is exacerbated by the influential powers of the Mind Stone.

During the exchange, Thor says, “Earth is ready for a higher form of war.” Captain America mocks the statement, but as more evidence is compiled, Thor begins to look like the smartest person in the room — as opposed to Tony Stark or Bruce Banner. In fact, his intellect extends far beyond academic intelligence; Thor is knowledgeable in otherworldly ways.

In the exact words of the Reddit user, here are the reasons behind Thor’s analogy.

Steve Rogers is proof positive that the human race can successfully augment itself biologically to fight off other races. Rogers manages to stand up in combat against Loki, Thor, and later Thanos.

Wakanda is a nation that has become a technological marvel thanks to its massive supply of vibranium, a metal that is as versatile as it is durable. Wakanda could conceivably arm humanity with sufficient weaponry to defend against a full-scale invasion.

Tony Stark’s Iron Man suit manages to hold up against the might of Thor himself- and that was just the Mark VI armor. Future upgraded suits could be much hardier than that, and come with Odin only knows what weapons and features.

Finally, there is an order of sorcerers under the guidance of the Ancient One. This does not factor in the Eternals, a group of beings with mysterious powers.

Via u/SamaritanPrime on Reddit

In summary, the theory claims that Thor was right — Earth has evolved beyond its primitive, fearful past. With genius inventors and unimaginable strength in Gods, mystical beings, and technological/medicinal advancements, Earth is more than prepared for a “higher form of war” as Thor puts it.

In The Avengers, that “higher form of war” refers to Loki and his Chitauri invasion, but since then, Earth has withstood the likes of Thanos, Ronan and several disastrous villains across the many MCU-based films. In the future, mankind will have to prepare for much larger threats, but Thor seems to think that Earth is capable of defending itself. Given his godly status, for Thor to have such a high opinion of Earthlings, this can only be a positive reflection.