New MCU Theory Says Steve Rogers Will Return To Help The Avengers Fight Kang


Ever since Avengers: Endgame faded to black, speculation instantly started that both Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans could be set for a swift return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which was to be expected when Iron Man and Captain America were always viewed as the heart and soul of the entire shared mythology, playing pivotal roles in almost all of the Infinity Saga’s biggest storylines.

While Downey Jr. has so far stuck to his guns, it was revealed last week that Evans had entered talks to return in at least one future MCU projects, less than two years after Endgame. The actor may have claimed that he doesn’t know anything about it, but we’re more than used to talents associated with the long-running superhero series maintaining the veil of secrecy.

Fans have been surprisingly divided on the news, and there’s no word yet on when or where Steve Rogers could make his grand return, but a new theory is claiming that he may suit up to aid the Avengers in their battle against the incoming Kang the Conqueror. We know that Jonathan Majors has been cast as the time traveling villain and will play a major role in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, but he’s surely too big of a threat to be used as a one-and-done bad guy in the MCU’s smallest standalone franchise.

Given Kang’s penchant for wreaking havoc via time travel, the theory goes on to say that Earth’s Mightiest Heroes will journey into the past and re-recruit Steve from one of Endgame‘s many timelines to aid them in the fight. Technically, that wouldn’t affect the emotional impact of his last appearance in the slightest, and could also explain why Captain America isn’t an old man when he next appears, making it well within the realm of possibility.

As ScreenRant outlines:

The Marvel Comics miniseries Avengers Forever provides a template for how they could deal with Kang. In the comic, Rick Jones used a mysterious power called the Destiny Force to summon various Avengers from different points in their lives. In the MCU, the Avengers could use the Quantum Realm instead of the Destiny Force to accomplish the same goal. They could go back in time and get the heroes they need to beat Kang. As someone whose leadership is unparalleled in the MCU, Captain America would be the perfect choice. To recruit him, the Avengers could choose multiple periods to visit him. They could go back to World War II, thaw him out from the ice after 1945, or go looking for him between the timeframe of The Avengers and Endgame. Regardless of when Captain America is added to the team, he could deliver some exciting moments to the fight against Kang. The two have had some memorable confrontations in Marvel Comics that would fun to be see adapted to the big screen in Avengers 5.

Tell us, though, do you think this theory could be onto something? As always, let us know down below.