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Meet The Hottest Action Flick On Netflix Right Now

In just three days it's become one of the most popular movies on Netflix.

Hold onto your hats because Sweet Girl looks like it has some serious competition! While the movie was a smash-hit on Netflix, another recent release is already poised to take its position on the streaming charts. According to stats from FlixPatrol, SAS: Red Notice is now the third most popular movie on the platform only trailing just behind Sweet Girl and He’s All That.

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While the movie has only been able to stream since August 27th, it’s already getting tons of streams despite its middling 53% Tomatometer rating from Rotten Tomatoes.

An off-duty SAS soldier, Tom Buckingham, must thwart a terror attack on a train running through the Channel Tunnel. As the action escalates on the train, events transpire in the corridors of power that may make the difference as to whether Buckingham and the civilian passengers make it out of the tunnel alive.”

Synopsis From Netflix

The film may not have stars that many Americans recognize right away, but there is some serious talent to be seen in SAS: Red Notice. Outlander star Sam Heughan, supermodel and actress Ruby Rose, and Batman Begins star Tom Wilkinson are all big names that appear in the movie.

SAS: Red Notice is currently available to stream now on Netflix.