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Megan Fox’s Assistant Teases Possible Poison Ivy Casting

Was the post just hopeful thinking or a hint of something to come for DCEU fans?

Megan Fox

One character fans desperately want to see in the DCEU is Poison Ivy, but the plant fanatic isn’t set to appear in any announced upcoming projects. Despite there being various possible homes for Dr. Pamela Isley in the franchise, like The Batman universe or one of Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn movies, there has been no official news on the iconic villain/anti-heroine turning up anywhere soon. But maybe, just maybe, that’s about to change.

Megan Fox’s assistant, Madison Bigos, sent alarm bells ringing in the DC fandom recently by sharing a photo of the Jennifer’s Body actress to her Instagram Stories. The post appeared to indicate that the star has been in talks with Warner Bros. about playing Ivy in some unknown project. “Poison Ivy?” Bigos wrote, adding “expecting a call very soon.” Intriguingly, Bigos then took the image down from her account, but this only increased the speculation about its meaning on social media. Here’s a look at the deleted post, as shared by @TheDC_Syndicate on Twitter:

There are different ways of interpreting Bigos’ comments. She may have been revealing that, yes, formal discussions are underway with the studio about Fox playing Ivy. Alternatively, she might have been joking, indicating that she thinks Fox would make a great Ivy and that WB should be offering her the part. Likewise, her decision to remove the image could’ve been because fans were interpreting it incorrectly or because it gave too much away.

Countless actresses have been linked to the role over the last few years; everyone from Rihanna to Natalie Dormer to Scarlett Johansson has been eyed to play the villain. Fox is one of them, seeing as the former Transformers star is enjoying something of a career renaissance of late. But have Margot Robbie’s efforts to get WB to insert Ivy into the franchise finally paid off? Is Fox really in the running to portray her? Maybe we’ll get lucky and some concrete news on the Poison Ivy front will arrive in the near future.

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