Here’s How Scarlett Johansson Could Look As The DCEU’s Poison Ivy


It would appear that Scarlett Johansson is persona non grata at Disney these days after the actress filed a lawsuit against the company for breach of contract when Black Widow was sent to Disney Plus Premier Access the same day it hit theaters without her deal being re-negotiated, updated or amended, and it’s already led to talk that her Tower of Terror movie may end up getting shelved.

Having spent twelve years under contract with Marvel Studios since first signing on to play Natasha Romanoff in Iron Man 2, it’s a bitter end to what had been such a fruitful relationship for both parties, even if Kevin Feige’s dismay over the whole situation makes it clear that Johansson’s issues are with the Mouse House and not the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Even before the Black Widow situation, the actress admitted she was saying goodbye to the character, and chatter has inevitably started up about what her next move could be. A rumor claimed she’d been offered a role in the DCEU, and the internet quickly piggybacked on the speculation to name her as the ideal candidate to bring Poison Ivy into the franchise at long last. New fan art imagines how she could look as Pamela Isley, and you can check it out below.

Poison Ivy is destined for the DCEU eventually, at least if Margot Robbie gets her way after the erstwhile Harley Quinn admitted she’s constantly badgering Warner Bros. to make it happen. Whether it’s Johansson, Megan Fox or anybody else, the longtime fan favorite has plenty to offer if and when she sidles up in the shared superhero mythology for her first live-action movie appearance since Batman & Robin.