DCEU Fans Want Scarlett Johansson As Poison Ivy


Those DCEU fans are certainly a fickle bunch when it comes to deciding on who they want to play the role of Poison Ivy when the iconic villain somewhat inevitably makes her way back to the big screen, and it looks very likely to happen in whatever project Harley Quinn shows up in next, at least if Warner Bros. eventually get worn down by Margot Robbie’s constant needling.

It was only a few weeks ago that the prospect of Megan Fox as Pamela Isley was trending worldwide, and the actress’ recent resurgence and vocal desire to land a plum gig in a major superhero franchise would certainly mark her out as an ideal candidate. However, the former Transformers star has already been dropped as the internet now turns its eyes in the direction of Scarlett Johansson.

The two-time Academy Award winner is now a free agent having completed her Marvel Studios contract with the release of Black Widow, and as you can see below, there’s already a groundswell of support building behind her becoming the latest name to cross the comic book divide and board the DCEU.

We’ve already heard rumors that Johansson has been offered a part in the DCEU, which hasn’t been verified or corroborated as of yet, but given that she sued Disney for breach of contract and Natasha Romanoff remains dead in the main Marvel Cinematic Universe timeline, it’d be safe to say she’s done with that particular mythology.

She’d be a solid pick for Poison Ivy, but it’s entirely up for debate whether it’s an avenue either the actress or the DCEU would be interested in walking down together in the future.