Scarlett Johansson Reportedly Offered A DC Role


July was a weird month when it came to Scarlett Johansson’s relationship with Marvel. It began with the actress dutifully promoting Black Widow for its theatrical/streaming simultaneous release, and then it ended with the star suing the studio for dropping the movie on Disney Plus. With Marvel responding in a scathing way to the lawsuit, it looks like the long-held partnership between the two parties is in tatters.

And it appears that Marvel’s big rivals are now trying to swoop in and snap ScarJo up. Giant Freakin Robot reports that Johansson has been offered a mystery DC role. The outlet’s source tells them DC reached out to the Avengers: Endgame icon very soon after her split with Marvel went public and is currently talking with her about a potential future in the DC universe.

Obviously, this is unconfirmed at this time, but a move like this from the studio would make a lot of sense. DC has previously jumped on Marvel’s top talent once there’s an opening. Take the case of The Suicide Squad director James Gunn. He revealed that Warner Bros. contacted him just days after he was (temporarily) fired from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. Now Gunn is very much at a home with the DCEU, with various projects in the works.

Gunn has gushed about his happy working relationship with DC in interviews, so if the comics giant can promise Johansson a similar creative freedom, then it’s very likely she will be tempted. At this stage of her career, Johansson is not just a mega star but also a producer, so she would undoubtedly be a huge win for the DCEU. And working with DC could have big advances for the actress, apart from simply sticking it to Disney.

It’s now up to fans to theorize which character from DC’s roster would be the perfect fit for Scarlett Johansson following her stint as Natasha Romanoff. Poison Ivy maybe?