Michael Bay Shows Off Some Epic “Bayhem” On The Set Of Transformers: The Last Knight

transformers-5-last-knight-filming-cuba (1)

At this point, it really doesn’t matter whether you love or hate the Transformers movies. Paramount has found a formula which works for them (the box office numbers are proof of that), and it’s one they clearly intend to stick to, hence why Michael Bay is back to direct a fifth instalment of the franchise with Transformers: The Last Knight.

Not an awful lot is known about the movie as of right now, but if there’s one thing the video below does, it’s prove that fans should definitely expect some explosive “Bayhem.” It was only last week that the director offered up a first look at the custom RED camera he had named “Bayhem” for Transformers: The Last Knight, and in this new set video released by the filmmaker, we get to see it heading into action as he shoots what looks to be pretty massive sequence in the movie, involving human soldiers facing off with an unknown threat.


Set to be released on June 23rd next year, the movie will feature the return of Mark Wahlberg as Cade Yeager as well as new roles for Isabela Moner and Jerrod Carmichael. Production on Transformers: The Last Knight began on June 6th, and the screenplay for the movie was written by Iron Man‘s Art Marcum and Matt Holloway along with Ken Nolan (Black Hawk Down).

Until we get the first trailer, keep your eyes peeled on Bay’s Instagram for more footage from the set.

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