Michael Jordan Will Reportedly Cameo In Space Jam 2

Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan has found himself back in the headlines recently thanks to ESPN’s The Last Dance, and you can’t exactly reflect on the career and legacy of one of the biggest names in the history of any sport without looking at his brief detour into acting.

Space Jam is fondly remembered by audiences of a certain generation, but once you get past the nostalgia, you realize that it isn’t a very good movie. That being said, people’s rose-tinted glasses nonetheless saw it become one of Netflix’s most-watched films when it landed on the streaming service, and the fans that saw the first one in theaters as kids will now be able to take their own children to watch the sequel when Space Jam: A New Legacy finally arrives next summer.

LeBron James will be stepping into Jordan’s shoes as the leading man, and if his extended cameo in Trainwreck is any indication, he already looks to be a much better actor than his predecessor. But the continued comparisons between the two on the basketball court apparently aren’t enough, because we’ve now heard that His Airness will be stopping by A New Legacy for a cameo appearance.

According to our intel – which comes from the same sources that told us both The Mask and Pennywise would also be featuring in the movie before it was confirmed in leaked footage – Jordan isn’t expected to have much in the way of screentime, but he was on set during shooting to say hello to Space Jam: A New Legacy‘s cast and crew and ended up shooting a quick cameo.

Details on his cameo are still unclear, but it would probably be more surprising if Jordan wasn’t involved in some capacity, and he’ll more than likely end up passing the torch over to King James as the only player capable of teaming up with the Looney Tunes for a basketball game with universal implications. Based on how The Last Dance depicted his competitive nature and desire to win though, he might not exactly do it willingly.