Michael B. Jordan Reportedly Set To Star In New Matrix Movie

The Matrix


Dystopian sci-fi classic The Matrix recently turned 20 but no one can deny that there’s still a thirst out there to see more of its uber-cool brand of futuristic cyberpunk action. While there had been talk of a potential reboot at Warner Bros. for a while, that’s somewhat simmered down as of late, and though we’ve heard that the studio pursuing a sequel instead is an option as well, nothing concrete about the future of the franchise has emerged for some time.

It seems that the wheels are in motion though, as rumors have begun creeping online and the latest comes from The Geeks Worldwide, who claim that Michael B. Jordan is set to star in a new Matrix movie from original co-director Lana Wachowski. Though the outlet says that they can’t confirm this 100% just yet, Jordan’s long been linked to the project and it wouldn’t be hard to believe that he’s now officially signed on.

And though it’s still unclear if this new Matrix will be a reboot or a proper sequel, it certainly makes sense to dust off the property either way. After all, the original trilogy took in a cool $1.8 billion worldwide and the first installment is still one of the greatest action movies of all-time, not to mention also one of the most influential. It completely changed the game and still holds up remarkably well even to this day.

Furthermore, it’s not like it’d be difficult to craft a new story set in this world. The Matrix literally spawned an entire reality filled with resistance societies, captive humans and digital beings. While short prequel films, comic books and even video games have gone some way to further flesh out the world the Wachowskis created, a new Matrix movie would definitely have more than enough material to draw from to create a compelling sequel or even a worthy reboot.

Whatever it turns out to be, Michael B. Jordan’s involvement is hugely exciting to learn about and as soon as we get something official or concrete on the project, we’ll be sure to let you know.